About enterprise

UE Belarusian Oil Trading House was created as the joint stock company in 1996 year in the conditions of prevailing barter transactions for the import of crude oil and its processing at the oil refining enterprises of the Republic of Belarus with the purpose of the sustainable provision of agricultural and other organizations with oil products. Oil processing is still one of the main kinds of activity of the enterprise. Oil products are realized on export and to the market of the Republic of Belarus. More than 50 million barrels of crude oil were processed during the company’s work.

United Trading Site was created in 2004 year in order to implement the electronic trade of oil products in the Republic of Belarus. UE Belarusian Oil Trading House is the organizer of daily on-line biddings in the form of auction. At the present time more than 800 buyers of oil products, fertilizers and other products of the organizations of Belneftekhim Concern from more than 40 countries of the world are registered at the Site.

UE Belarusian Oil Trading House stood at the origins of formation of the international industrial distribution network of Belneftekhim Concern. In 2005 year UE Belarusian Oil Trading House became one of the shareholders of trade companies in Lithuania, Poland and Turkey. Since 2014 year the enterprise has been made the management of activity, and since 2019 year it has been managed the shares of the Republic of Belarus in all entities of the industrial distribution network of the Concern in the Russian Federation, the Ukraine, Poland, China, Turkey, Lithuania, Latvia, Georgia.

Currently the Republican Subsidiary Unitary Enterprise Belarusian Oil Trading House, except the above stated, organizes holding the centralized tender purchases of raw materials for the organizations of Belneftekhim Concern, performs the wholesale trade of chemical and petrochemical products, transport, forwarding and other services.

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